Cocon Life

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Cocon Avar house on wheels

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Cocon Avar – tiny house on wheels

Unexpectedly spacious house on wheels. From the outside, one would not believe that a small surface can accommodate everything needed for living. We have put a lot of engineering work into this house to make every detail in it perfect. We can upgrade it as you wish, but the house in general will be like this. You are welcome to send us your wishes and suggestions you want to add (kitchen, laundry, etc.) and what solutions to use (off-grid, gas or electric water heater, etc.) because we are interested in making sure the house meets your needs. To drive with the tiny house requires BE driving licenses. Cocon minihouses are mobile (simple to transport by the track with the crane on it) also when they are not built to the trailer.

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Price: 30 000 EUR (includes 20% VAT)


Each handmade Cocon house on wheels contains

  1. Trailer (2,5 x 6 m)
  2. The house is 3.78 m above the ground
  3. Wooden windows and door
  4. Wooden facade treated with exterior colour
  5. Palywood interior walls treated by Osmo oil-wax
  6. Insulation with PIR foam boards 100 mm in walls, 150 mm in floor and roof
  7. Wooden boards on ceilings
  8. Loft (4m2)
  9. Wooden parquet
  10. Double SBS roof
  11. Closet for technical equipment
  12. Ventilation
  13. Water system
  14. Electricity system
  15. LED lights
  16. Air-air heating pump
  17. Internal sliding door