Living in a small house

Cocon small houses for living all year around.

Cocon.life designes a ndproduces small movable houses on and without wheels.

Cocon.life supports sustainable and creative projects which save our planet Earth.

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Cocon.life – who are we?

Cocon small houses project was born out of a question – how to live to the fullest while caring for nature and keeping the costs under control without losing comfort nor feeling safe. How to stay debt free and have an opportunity to move around when one please so? How to stay centered, but grant oneself all the adventures that life has to offer?

The Cocon project was inspired by Dragon Dreaming. It’s based on the Aboriginal belief system which prompted us to trust the process and stay playful. One of the cornerstones of Dragon Dreaming is a collegial decision-making process, which has challenged us greatly, but at the same time, it has given us opportunities to see different perspectives and a myriad of ways of doing things. In Dragon Dreaming, the bottom line is not about making profits, but caring for everyone involved and also sharing the benefits with others, based on win-win-win thinking. Thus at Cocon we have decided to support projects of similar nature.

Small houses are functional!

A small house needs a small space, it is easy to move from one place to oneother, if needed. You don’t have to own the land for a movable house, it leaves freedom for adventures and life changes. With small house there are small costs and no less bureaucracy. You can use the house for summer cottage, shop, guest house, sauna or something ealse..