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Residential buildings

It often happens that the initial idea for a small house grows in size during the planning process, making it no longer possible to transport it in one piece. The maximum width of a load on Estonian roads is 4.5 m (without a special permit, it is actually much less, 3.5 m). Buildings that exceed the permitted dimensions on Estonian roads are manufactured either as modules or as elements.

Modular house construction is very similar to traditional tiny house construction. The house is built in two or more separate transportable pieces. When leaving the factory, the houses have as much finishing work done as possible. Ideally, all that remains to be done on site is to connect the houses and finish the connections. The exact solution depends largely on the project itself.

Building a house as elements means that the walls of the house are built as elements in the factory. In some cases, insulation is also installed before transport. The precisely dimensioned elements are transported to the site and assembled there. In this way, it is usually possible to erect the house frame in one day. The rest of the construction work takes place on site.

Examples of larger houses we have built: