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Thermowood Pricing

Products available in stock now:

Termomänd 20×117 SHPBC2.88
Termomänd 20×140 SHPBC3.30
Termomänd 20×90 SHPBC1.92
Termomänd 26×140 GrooveBC3.75
Termomänd 26×140 SHPBC3.75
Termomänd 26×140 SHP_SBC3.75
Termomänd 26×92 SHPBC1.88
Outside FacadeQualityPrice/m
Termokuusk 18×145 UYV_K (BC, 5100)BC3.27
Termokuusk 18×95 UYV_K (BC, 5100)BC2.25
Termokuusk 20×140 UTS_PRO (BC, 3900)BC3.75
Termomänd 20×140 UYL (BC, 3900)BC3.75
Termomänd 20×140 UYS (BC, 3900)BC3.75
Inside FacadeQualityPrice/m
Termokuusk BC STP 15x90x2100BC1.95

All prices include VAT 22%. If you purchase entire package of wood, discount of 15% applies.

We do sell other Thermowood profiles such as sauna materials for example. Please get in touch to order.

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+372 5033200