Cocon Life

Our story

Our Story Begins with Dragon Dreaming

Cocon houses were born from Dragon Dreaming, a methodology for successful collaboration that draws on the wisdom of indigenous cultures accumulated over thousands of years. Dragon Dreaming is a project management and teamwork method that helps people and projects/businesses thrive sustainably.

Our first house was built in 2016. Since then, our skilled team has built dozens of unique small houses in beautiful locations all over Estonia. Cocon’s strengths are customer focus and commitment to quality. Each house has its own story and soul. Our mission is to help our clients’ dreams come true.

Since the autumn of 2023, Cocon Life OÜ has been the official reseller of Standwood thermal wood in Estonia. We love this material for its good properties, appearance, and smell. Cocon-built houses use this excellent material somewhere, either on the facade or in the interior. We want others to be able to enjoy the joy of thermal wood as well.