Cocon Life

Why Tiny House is Better?

Tiny houses have their own charm, unique look, and functionality. It’s all about perspective. A kitchen that may seem cramped in an apartment is unnecessarily large and space-wasting in a tiny house. The use of space in a tiny house needs to be very well thought out. Living in a tiny house allows you to enjoy the feeling of being in a cozy cocoon, away from the city noise, where there are no unnecessary and distracting things, you can experience life closer to nature.

Tiny houses do not involve excessive bureaucracy if they remain within the 20 m2 limit. This is a sufficient size for a cozy sauna house or a small cottage in a beautiful natural setting. Cocon tiny houses are built in our factory in Saue. The houses can be lifted and transported in the future if necessary.

A tiny house is a good solution in many situations. For example, it is usually cheaper and easier to build a tiny house than to make an extension to an existing building. A tiny house can serve as a guest house or a cozy sauna next to an existing main building. Several of our clients have used a tiny house as a first foothold for building something bigger on their property. Large buildings take time to build and often turn into a multi-year project. A Cocon tiny house can be completed in 2-3 months.