Cocon Life

Cocon Thermowood

We highly value the properties of thermowood and therefore use it to the maximum extent in the construction of Cocon houses. In addition, you can order thermowood from us as a material for the construction of external facades, terraces and saunas.

What is thermowood?

Thermowood is a type of wood that has been heat-treated at a temperature above 170 °C. This process improves the wood’s resistance to decay and weathering, increases its thermal insulation properties, and reduces its moisture expansion. The high temperature also causes the resin to be released from the wood. Thermowood is aesthetically beautiful, maintenance-free, and weather-resistant.

Thermowood products are mainly used for sauna interiors and sauna benches indoors. Due to its better thermal insulation, thermowood transfers heat more slowly. Thermowood is used for building facades and terraces outdoors, where the wood’s weather resistance is important.

Untreated thermowood quickly turns a dignified silver-gray color, as the tannins are released from the wood during the treatment process.

The main softwood species that are heat-treated are pine and spruce. They are most commonly used in exterior facades and as terrace material. Thermally treated aspen and alder are most commonly used in saunas. Exclusive furniture is made from the noble thermowood aspen.